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UGRs World Survey: Opening a Window into Cultures Worldwide

This powerful report provides complete, detailed analysis of the largest ever survey of UGRs. You are guided through overall results and then the findings are compared across different demographic groups. Do managers perceive cultures differently than non-managers? Are there cultural differences based on the size of the organisation? Are there different corporate cultures in different countries? The report then provides strategies you can use to improve your culture using UGRs


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UGRs - Cracking the corporate culture code

The long awaited book is now available!

This 152 page book is a breakthrough book. Smashing the myth that organisational culture is a complex and unmanageable phenomenon, the book introduces a concept that is as simple as it is powerful.

You are shown the power of UGRs to dictate corporate behaviour, and you are guided through a range of UGRs that currently exist in many businesses. Importantly, you are lead through a sequence of strategies that can help organisations lift their culture to heights unseen before. This groundbreaking book is a must for managers who are serious about profiting from a culture of service.


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UGRs - Creating a Culture of Service

Now a video is available to spread the UGR message!

Ever wonder why - despite best intentions, despite the highest quality training, and despite the most articulate of service standards - the service provided by your team is less than outstanding?

The answer is now available. Intuitively we know that 'Unwritten Ground Rules' direct behaviour. These unspoken rules are powerful and compelling - the 'secret' is to recognise them, then to re-shape them to boost the performance of your team.

This hard hitting 15 minute video features Steve Simpson, the creator of the UGR concept. Use it at your next staff meeting and hold on to your chair- the impact could start a service revolution! The video is available for immediate viewing and download after purchase.


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