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We realise the value of keeping things up to date - so we're constantly updating and adding to our site. Below are the most recent additions to the Keystone web site. Click on the title to read more about it.

New Video! Click here to see the new video featuring Steve Simpson


Our latest research report, titled Bad Behaviours: Toxic Cultures is available here. The report, which is based on over 1000 responses, looks at specific non-manager behaviours that contribute in positive and negative ways towards overall culture, and how these impact on culture.

New articles! Click here to read a number of new articles written by Steve Simpson!

Free Newsletter -
The October 2013 edition of the monthly Cultural Intelligence™ newsletter is available here.  This edition features articles that include: The price of a 'singular priority' focus; The benefits of gossip; How much are leaders trusted?; and more! To see the newsletter, click here.  If you would like to receive a free copy of our monthly newsletter, simply email us at subscribe@keystone-management.com and we'll add you to our distribution list.

Rosabeth and Steve

Rosabeth Moss Kanter holds a chaired professorship at the Harvard Business School, advises major corporations and government entities worldwide and is the author and co-author of over 300 articles and 16 books. Steve Simpson recently toured Australian cities with Rosabeth to run seminars on leadership, change and cultural intelligence.

The seminars were a huge hit, with one person writing this - Just a great, great day!!! Thank you so much. I am indebted. Rosabeth and Steve were fantastic.

Our UGRs work has made it to the top 200 work-life related studies over the past 13 years - and one of only nine in the category of 'Work Practices' (US based Work and Family Connection - click here.)

Steve Simpson has recently delivered the opening keynote presentation at the Annual Conference for the Institute of Customer Service in London. Click here to read what some of the delegates said about Steve's presentation on UGRs...

Message to all our UK and US contacts - we now have a UK and a US telephone number - people in the UK can call +44 (0)20 7870 6227. People in the US can call +1 (310) 601-8308. Call Steve Simpson direct!

Steve Simpson recently spoke to 2000 delegates at the Financial Planners Association Conference in Sydney. His presentation was on 'Discretionary Service'. An associated article, written by Steve is here

Steve Simpson recently gave a breakfast presentation for the Australian College of Health Service Executives in Brisbane, Australia. We were blown away by the delegate feedback - some of which is included here

Want to find out what your culture is really like? We've developed an exciting new tool for uncovering the real culture in your organisation. The Keystone Management site has a password protected page exclusive to people in your organisation. We'll agree on a number of 'lead-in' sentences for people to complete, for example, 'Around here, customers are...', 'Around here, when it comes to showing initiative...' and so on. These lead-in sentences are selected in terms of what is most important to your future business success. In addition, we'll include options for the collection of key demographics. You will receive a fully detailed, analysed report on the results - opening a window into your corporate culture! Email us at info@keystone-management.com or review details here

Thinking about using the UGRs® concept to improve your culture? We've now got solid evidence of the impact internally and externally from UGRs-related work in an organisation. Check out some quantified results here

Like to improve your organisation's culture? We have developed an in-house training programme based on the UGRs concept. We will train a team of your your people and provide them with a suite of strategies and tools to improve your culture. Called the UGRs® Cultural Change Programme, you can learn more by downloading this pdf file

A new UGRs® web site! We've created a web site dedicated exclusively to the 'Unwritten Ground Rules' concept. Check it out here

UGRs® concept and methods now licensed. Consultants and trainers in New Zealand, the UK and the US are now able to access the many years of work that have gone into the creation of the powerful UGRs concept to change corporate culture. Licensed UGRs® Facilitators will be provided a completely modularised programme, with facilitator notes, PowerPoint slides and participant workbooks linked to each of the 18 content modules. You can see more details at our UGRs web site here. Interested? Email Steve Simpson direct at steve@keystone-management.com

The worldwide culture survey of UGRs® - we've had 380 responses from 19 countries to the survey and the 16 page Free Summary Report is here. The Full report provides more details including a breakdown of results to identify differences based on demographics including whether the respondents were management or non-management, the company size and the country in which the organisation was based. It also provides insights into how the cultural change improvement be achieved in your organisation using the UGRs concept. The Full Report, priced at $39 can be purchased here.

UGRs® hit South Africa! Creator of the UGRs® concept, Steve Simpson, has just returned from South Africa where he worked with Stef Du Plessis and Associates, to enable Stef and his talented team to implement UGRs into South African companies. Find out more about Stef Du Plessis and Associates here

World Conference - Steve Simpson has recently featured at the World Conference on Customer Service Management in Florida - on a five point satisfaction scale, Steve scored 4.74 and achieved a 100% agreement in terms of delegates recommending Steve for other speaking events. This follows Steve being rated in the top 10 speakers at the previous World Conference in Orlando. Click here to view some comments from the conference delegates

Some Client Comments - WOW, if this isn't the nicest letter ever written about a presentation, then we don't know what is. Some wonderful comments have been provided by audiences in recent conference presentations. This is the latest, which has been added on to an already long list!



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