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Keynote presentation, national conference, Australian Friendly Society Association, Adelaide, June 2004

Steve Simpson's presentation to the Australian Friendly Society Annual Conference was dynamic, entertaining and delivered with great professionalism. What an excellent speaker Steve is.

Con O'Carroll
Director, Transport Friendly Society

I write to congratulate you on your presentation on UGRs at the recent Australian Friendly Societies Association Conference in Adelaide.

I found your presentation to be both informative and thought provoking with just the right amount of statistics and humour to hold our interest and deliver the message

Once again many thanks for your contribution to a very interesting and informative conference.

Ken Kimber
Transport Friendly Society Ltd

I must say that I enjoyed your stimulating presentation on UGRs. I attend many conferences and listen to many speakers, your session was well delivered and well constructed. To be able to communicate such important principles in a professional, yet light-hearted way is a great skill - congratulations.

Please feel free to use this testimonial if you wish.


Terry O'Connell
Managing Director
ASG Friendly Society

I was pleased to be able to hear your presentation on Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs) at the Friendly Societies’ Conference in Adelaide.

I found the presentation to be well researched, clearly presented, entertaining and very informative. Your UGR speech crystallised in a conceptual framework many conundrums of which I was previously only intuitively aware. I appreciated your skill as a speaker. I am happy to recommend your presentation to others.

Best wishes for the future.

Allen Truslove
Cumpston Sarjeant Truslove Pty Ltd

Your talk at the AFSA conference was very topical and relevant to all in attendance. Not only was it entertaining and informative but well presented. Keep up the good work!

Stan Thomson
General Manager - Friendly Society
OFM Investment Group Limited

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