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Keynote presentation, Customer Care 2003, SOCAP Europe, London, November 2003

A brilliant presenter, who engaged the audience from the off. His riveting ideas on service and corporate culture were presented in a clear yet
original fashion. The audience bought into the concepts swiftly and I came away determined to improve not only what I do but also the way my
organisation interacts with its people and customers.

Jeff Hartley
Head of Group Customer Relations
Royal Bank of Scotland

I've rarely taken so much away with me as I did from my first sighting of Steve Simpson. Fresh ideas, supported with robust research and delivered in a very natural, involving and energetic style. A real Customer Service Pro!

Graham Hardy
Chairman, SOCAP in Europe
Head of Customer Contact
Boots The Chemists Limited


It has been a long while since a speaker held my attention so well! My colleague and I could not believe it when it was time for a coffee break - it felt as if we had only just sat down!"

I believe that it is a UGR that the last speaker of the day is only half-listened to as people are more concerned about getting to their train on time, however on Friday I could have stayed and listened for much longer.

In fact, it was quite deflating to realise that the seminar had finished. I hope that SOCAP will avail themselves of your services again in the future!

Hazel Major
Consumer & Customers Services Manager
Butcher's Pet Care Limited

Your presentation was really interesting. I would love to have the same ease as you to speak in public. It was so alive... and so true whether your are Australian, British or... French!

Your presentation is one of the best I have attended with SOCAP

St├ęphanie Demay
Consumer Relations Manager
General Mills

Steve makes the audience face the reality of unwritten ground rules and how they can totally jeopardise any well meaning project. His high energy delivery is amusing for everyone to relate to. He makes the awareness known using a variety of sketches and pictures. Easy to follow and refreshingly different. At the end of the session you feel you can really take this knowledge in both hands and challenge the culprits in any company. The result would be the best positive culture for your organisation.

We need more Steves!!

Angie Court
Director of Customer Service
Avis Europe plc
Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia

I must say that I very much enjoyed your presentation. Not only was the information catchy, memorable, individual and a real eye opener I really liked your style of presentation. I have seen many speakers over the years, and of course four that day. Your style (and content) stands up with the best. Your presentation was both original and fun-but carried a serious message.

In the meantime may I wish you all the best, and hope to make it to a future presentation when you are back in the UK.

All the very best.

Peter Marks
Managing Director
Luminar Leisure

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