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Our Article Reproduction Policy

We often get requests from visitors who are interested in reproducing our articles - either for themselves, or for their entire staff! We're happy to oblige, on one condition. All we ask is that you quote the source of the article (this site), including the author, who is Steve Simpson, unless otherwise stated! We hope you and your people get some real benefits by applying the content to your business.

UGRs - The Way We Really Do Things Around Here
This article is a great introduction to the concept and power of UGRs.

Whatever It Takes
Is culture 'soft', or is there something more to culture? This article looks at the hard edge to culture

Is Your Team Too Happy?

This articles poses a fascinating question about whether a facade of happiness is in the best interests of team performance

Two Faces of Leadership

In this article, Steve Simpson reports on a fascinating experience that led him to question the extent to which we have 'two faces'

Learning Aversion

It's pretty well accepted that individuals can have an aversion to learning, but what about organisations?

Decision depression

So you hold a grudge because decisions go against you more often than not? Steve Simpson looks at this fascinating issue alongside recent research into conversations in organisations

We're Open and Honest Around Here
How many organisations have 'value statements' or the like, saying they are committed to open and honest communication? How many practice what they preach? Read this article that talks about documentation and what really happens

UGRs - A Quality and Customer Service Conundrum
This article is a copy of a recently published article in the Journal for the Australian Organisation for Quality. It introduces the ground-breaking concept of 'UGRs', which fundamentally impact on service provided by EVERY organisation

Improving your business through Service
Do you want business to improve? I think the way to do this is relatively straightforward, and yet it is something that eludes so many businesses.

Listening to your clients
Most business managers are so busy working in their business,that they get little time to review articles, books, or other material about improving business.

The keys to customer service
Do principles of customer service apply to sport? Is customer service a concept that only has application in the business world? You be the judge!

Retail Sector Rates Badly on Customer Service
The Australian Customer Service Association has recently undertaken some extensive research across the country on the levels of service provided by various business sectors.

Banks and Customer Service
A Managing Director of a major Australian bank committed an amazing act recently.

Strategies to Improve Service
Good training is good value. Unfortunately, good training is all too uncommon.

Profiting from Reduced Expectations
In their endeavour to capture as many customers as possible, organisations can fall into the trap of promising the world and delivering marginally less....

One Very Good Reason for Dealing with Complaints
I am constantly amazed at the incapacity of organisations to deal with customer complaints. As a customer, I have tried to provide businesses with feedback, only to learn very quickly that the organisation does not want to hear my complaint

Customer Service Bus Tours
Read about an amazing way in which people are learning how to improve their bottom line. Our Customer Service Bus Tours are powerful and insightful experiences!

Customer Service In Action
Here are some action shots of our recent Customer Service Bus Tour. People do not get the chance to be bored on these unique events!



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